What is My Mane Narrative?

My Mane Narrative is a multi-media initiative in honor of and celebrating the many shapes and forms of today’s natural hair styles: Afros, Dreads, Close Cuts, and Twists. Through dialogue and images, Gregory Clarke (CG Lawrence Photography) and Bri Laboss explore the modern crusade of natural hair as more and more world-wide embrace the uniqueness and beauty of their own natural mane.
In a series of formal portraits, candid snapshots and recorded interviews – visual and audio – the duo has set out to capture and portray the vast realities of untreated locks. From social constructs and reactions to personal triumphs and implications, each mane carries its own bold and beautiful story worthy of celebration.
The My Mane Polaroid Project is a public campaign and call to gather Polaroid-type (or digital) images of people across the globe sporting their natural hair while sharing their personal Mane Narrative.

Every mane has its narrative, tell us yours here!