What's your Mane Narrative? [or leave us a comment]

Join the dialogue and become part of our celebration of natural hair styles by sharing Your Mane Narrative with us. All fields are optional to answer - drop us a line! 


Please consider submitting 1 or 2 selfies or Polaroid-style shots to be included in a future exhibition of the project. Submit photo(s) and your narrative below, send by email to MyManeNarrative@gmail.com, or mail physical copies to PO Box 1214, Edgemont, PA 19028 (attn: Greg Clarke c/o CG Lawrence Photography)

Photos should be family-friendly and primarily head-shots that celebrate your natural mane. Ladies and Gents of all ages are welcome to participate. Feel free to put your name in marker at the base or back of your photo(s) and include a word or two about what your natural hair means to you.

Submissions from minors must include a notation from a parent or legal guardian indicating their consent. Some entrants may be contacted for a more formal photoshoot to be a featured part of the My Mane Narrative intiative.


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