Our Inspiration




The inspiration behind the initiative is drawn from the individual experiences of Clarke and Laboss embracing their own natural hair and is rooted in their similarities despite the variables—being male and female, of separate generations and navigating through different backgrounds and lifestyles.

The reaction towards people with natural hair continues to be mixed. Recent studies, articles and media stories highlight the ongoing challenges as well as recent inroads and triumphs in society’s perceptions of natural hair styles:

  • NPR - New Evidence Shows There's Still Bias Against Black Natural Hair

  • Yahoo - This Black Model Was Told She Wasn’t Dark Enough to Wear an Afro

  • Army Times - New Army regulations OK dreadlocks for female soldiers

Many have embraced and flourished in growing out their own natural styles and Clarke and Laboss hope to help elevate the very personal, yet universal narratives of Natural Manes and their deep-rooted beauties. The My Mane Narrative initiative aims to dispel the negative premonitions toward natural hair and showcase the significance behind its bold and innate splendor.

Every Mane has a Narrative!